Thursday, 19 March 2015


I made myself a journal to use for my Logos365 - my word for the year - which is flourish. I've been adding quite a few spreads through Lent, some of which I wanted to share today.

This first one came out of my thoughts on a confession prayer which ends with the words: lead us out from darkness to walk as children of light. As I pictured being led out of darkness into a place of light, I started to think about how this isn't always the case. We are not always taken out of a dark situation, just as we do not always have our fear allayed. But we ARE given faith big enough to overcome. We ARE given light to push back the darkness.

This page came out of contemplation on growth and flourishing. I thought about the different forms of growth and how all of them are needed if we are to flourish. We can't just produce leaves. There must also be flowers if we want to produce fruit and seeds to increase the yield of our lives.

To help me to learn more about flourishing I am re-reading Flourish by Catherine Hart Weber. She talks about the meaning of shalom and how that encompasses flourishing.

And finally, if I want to flourish I need to stay attached to the root. Flowers only last for so long once they are cut from the plant. We can prolong their life with food added to the water, but eventually they will die.

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  1. Wonderful pages, Tracy. Such a good word and all you say is so true. God helps us to flourish in the dark places too.


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