Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Playing with Golden fluid acrylics

For quite a while now I have felt quite flat. It has taken me some time to realise that I have finished a recent (and long) climb and am now on a plateau. The plateau is a respite. It gives me the chance to reap the fruit of the growth that happened in the climb.

It gives me time to gather my thoughts…

think things through…


And I am discovering that there may be more to process than I first thought.

Maybe this plateau will be a long one, but I am determined to reap as much benefit from it as I can.

Don't fight the flat spots - use them to gather insight from the past climb and resources for the next.

I bought some Golden fluid acrylics - a starter pack - with some gift money. I usually buy cheap and cheerful on my low budget, looking for a larger range of colours rather than one or two of the more expensive ones. But as this was extra money I decided to splash out.

The spots, lines, and general marks on this page are done with the Goldens dabbed on to a small gelli-plate and then stamped on. I love the effect they give - so different from just applying the paint directly to the page. I look forward to experimenting some more...

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  1. I could tell you've been a bit flat from some of your recent journal pages. Its so often the way after a climb as you put it but you're right. The plateau following a climb should be a time to learn and go deeper. I love your page, its so vibrant.


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