Sunday, 1 March 2015

Circle journal - Beverley's journal

My second round in the round robin/circle journal is Beverley's journal. Her theme is light shines in darkness.

My immediate thought on reading those words is and the darkness has not overcome it as it says in John 1:5. However, Beverley has already used that one (darn!) So I had to come at the subject from a different direction.

My first page (which is actually the one below, not the one above) didn't come out at all as I imagined. I couldn't seem to make it go in the direction I wanted it to. The pattern on the tissue paper with the wording that I wanted to use ('illuminated living') was too dark. I ended up covering up the pattern. Then I put the dimensional star on it and felt that I then had to work around it. My thought was that the star over Bethlehem was a guiding light and what do we use to guide us?  I'm not that happy with the page, but there you go.

The second page (the one above) I was much more happy with. I did the candle and the rays with masking fluid. The halo around the flame was made with gesso. A smear of water-soluble pastel around the edge and a little bit of stencilling, and done. I feel that the image and the words go well together.

 Beverley put tags in for each person to label their page. Here's mine:

Beverley's journal is richly textured front and back and put together with hinged rings:

I like the hinged rings as it meant that I could take my page out and work on it without fear that I might accidentally contaminate someone else's work. Also, it allows for dimensional work, as can be seen by the other pages that have already been done. Here are Susan's pages which she has blogged about here:

And these are Beverley's pages:

And the title page:

This is my tag at an angle so you can see the shiny sticker:

Beverley's journal will be on its way to Kim soon and I shall wait (im)patiently for the next one :)

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  1. Oooh, its so great to see all the pages in the journal coming along! I like your stars as well as the candle. Light is such a great theme.


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