Sunday, 15 March 2015

fun with new stencils

So I spent most of the day Saturday making new masks and stencils, and yesterday trying them out on the gelli-plate and with spray paints.

So here is a photo-heavy post of my hours of play :)

Sometimes it is the clean off that makes the best prints. This print above is from cleaning the stencil once I've peeled it off the gelli-plate - using it like a stamp, really. There are several layers here and I really love the different colours and how they work with each other. I'll probably just put a quote on it in black.

This stencil will tessellate nicely although the pattern is already quite large. Perhaps I'll cut a smaller stencil, or maybe a stamp...

Here is the spray through a stencil with the 'stamp' effect of cleaning it off.

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