Sunday, 3 February 2013

An A to Z of Me - A is for Adventure

A new challenge! I found the 'An A to Z of Me' challenge via Valerie Sjodin's blog. It sounds like fun and I shall endeavour to post every day through February following the alphabetic prompts.

Today - A is for Adventure

I'm not really an adventurous person. I'm happy at home looking after my family and pottering about in my little studio. Having said that, God has taken me on several adventures including moving to the other side of the world! I know that some people see adventure as something big and exciting - it has to be a world trip or a dangerous sport. For me it can be an adventure just walking around the garden. There is so much for me to learn if only I will listen. There are so many wonders if only I will see. There is so much fun to be had if I will take a risk. 

I see my whole life as an adventure - the adventure of marriage, of motherhood, of faith. 

What's your 'ordinary' adventure?


  1. I love this. Thank you for taking part

  2. this page is amazing i also see marrage and motherhood as an adventure the best one you could have xxxxx

  3. Thanks for visiting my Adventure page, yes much like you I am more of the ordinary adventure kind of person. Your ladybird sums it all up for me. BJ

  4. As always I love the words you write along with your art...honest and true. Your page is so very colorful, I love it. I am participating in this also...not sure I can do it every day...but I will have fun working through the alphabet and trying new techniques. I loved this first one as I had never done it before.


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