Saturday, 16 February 2013

N is for Nature

An A to Z of Me: N is for nature.

My nature is shy and introverted, sensitive, servant-hearted, and I cry easily. I am learning to live with who I am and understand myself. And I am working on those things that need to change. I don't think having a soft heart is a bad thing, but sometimes it gets in the way. Sometimes I need to squash my feelings and toughen up :) It doesn't mean I don't feel things, but to be able to control the emotion that goes with it so the tears don't get in the way.

But then sometimes the tears are necessary.

What's your nature?


  1. This is beautiful, beautiful, on many levels...and wow, we are a lot alike in Nature.

  2. Love your page and especially your words, I can see quite a bit of me in them, although my shell is quite hard to crack and most people think I am a confident person, I shrink inside. Ought to cut and paste that to the back of my tag - LOL - actually just written it. Thanks for the inspiration, oh and a craft group I am in have ordered your book for their crafty retreat.

  3. This just makes me smile it is so full of joy. xox

  4. This is fabulous. Thank you for being so honest. I can't remember if you are on Facebook. If so come and join this community:


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