Monday, 11 February 2013

J is for Journey

What fortuitous timing! An A to Z of Me has reached J is for journey, and Carolyn Dube's *free* workshop - Use Your Words - started with the word 'journey' as well. So this post is a twofer.

Journey. What does that conjure up?

For me there was the journey from one side of the world to the other with all the uprooting that that entailed. I'm not really one for travelling so that was a biggie for me.

There is also the journey of faith. I like the map fragment on this page because it shows two paths going the same way and intertwining. There are people we journey with like that. We are both going in the same direction but the path is slightly different. Of course, there are also people who start out in the same place as us, end up in the same place, but took a completely different route. And that is the fun of journeying. In faith we journey together with the whole Church, our paths crossing and relationships being built. Journeying together is important. When one falls, there is someone there to help them up. When one is in need there is someone there to supply what is lacking. We can advise from our own experience and learn from the journey of another.

Who are you journeying with?

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