Thursday, 14 February 2013

M is for Mindfulness

Mindfulness. What does that mean? 
For me it means treasuring up all those little moments that make your heart sing. 
Not letting things pass by unremarked where you could give praise.
Appreciating the small things. 

And here are some of those small things that I appreciate and that make me happy. My three postcards from the Artists in Blogland postcard swap have arrived! I love them. So thanks go out to Penelope Harris, Dawn Maurice, and Cathy Wilson who spent time making something beautiful just for me :)


  1. The postcards are beautiful Tracy. I like the subtle tone of your page.That peacock feathers look wonderful.

  2. Hi Tracey, I think you put your "L" link in the "M" link box by mistake, but I found you anyways. Love your special moments. In fact my son asked me what had been good in my day yesterday and I replied with the fact that the lady at the supermarket customer service desk had happily changed a £20 note for me to a £10 and 2 £5s without so much as a, "NO sorry not allowed to open the till" which is far more usual these days. That made me smile or my heart sing as you put it so nicely. BJ


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