Sunday, 24 February 2013

Vision and Words

Almost there! V is for vision and W is for words on the A to Z of Me challenge. Some days it's been hard to get the page done and has felt relentless. Other times the page has come together easily, like the one below where I had two images already that fit well with the quote. Personally I would have liked to have the list of words beforehand so that I could be organised, but I guess the pressure is also good for me :)

So, vision. Being able to see beyond the wall. Not being hampered by what appears to be a dead-end. Being able to see those things that are not yet. 

And words. Are we always aware of how powerful our words can be? Some off-hand comment made in all innocence can be devastating to the hearer. How often have you had your joy stolen by a single comment? You know what I mean - you're all enthusiastic about something, some comment is made, and suddenly it's as if something died within us. The joy is stolen. 

Our words are powerful. We can be joy-stealers or dream-growers. 

What are you going to plant in someone else's life today?


  1. I love your image and the phrase dream growers. I agree with you that words are powerful. Great job.

  2. Amazing imagery there, pressure or no pressure your pages are superb and so thoughtful.


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