Tuesday, 5 February 2013

C is for Creative

We're up to C on An A to Z of Me. C is for creative. 

I have no problem with understanding that I am creative. I am made in the image of God and He is the Creator of all. Therefore I must be creative :)

And so are you. However that takes its form - cooking, sewing, being able to put a good outfit together, keeping a tidy house, being able to cast a story, being able to explain a concept to someone else in an understandable way. All these are creative things. 

And I am created for a reason. I am not a mistake or a random birth. I am deliberately chosen for a purpose. 

Have you found yours?

And on Artists in Blogland there is a new monthly challenge going on: Colour This Quote

I have to admit that the only quilting I have done has been with squares. I dyed and patterned the fabric myself but didn't go in for any of the fancy piecing that I so admire in others' work. I'm sure these patterns I've used in paper have special names but I don't know them. 

Have fun seeing what everyone else has done over at An A to Z of Me and Artists in Blogland by clicking the links above.


  1. I love that you did your quilt pieces with paper. Great journal page!

  2. This is great. Thanks for joining in

  3. my mother is a fantastic quilter...me...nope...I didn't get that sewing gene at all...I got a D in Home Ec on my sewing project ;( in high school. I love what you wrote...I am re-reading The Purpose Driven Life and what you wrote reminds me of a poem in the book.

  4. fun idea to quilt with paper. Thanks for sharing with Color This Quote!

  5. Great Create page and thanks for the tips on the salt technique. BJ

  6. Lovely quilt squares of paper! I used to make similar ones"Magenta Style" but haven't thought of it in quite awhile.

  7. Lovely journal pages - such a good idea to use paper, and I love the little stamps too.


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