Tuesday, 26 February 2013

X marks the spot

Not my favourite page for this challenge, but that's the way it goes. I liked the first layer, which you can't really see in this photo. It was gesso applied to the paper you peel off the back of sticky-back plastic that had been sprayed with water. I made a print of this on to the page and when it was dry put blue ink over the top. The red layer was acrylic paint that went through the same process as the gesso. The page needs more work but that will have to wait for another day.

X marks the spot. What does the future hold for you? Where do you see yourself in five years? Is your life how you expected it to be?

I have blogged on this topic recently on the Fall Fearless and Fly challenge. You can find that post here.

Have a great day.


  1. Hello Tracy, I was out surfing the web, to stay away from the frig and snacking before dinner. I always seem to put weight on during the winter and it is time to get serious and get it back off. I love your journal pages. I also love to get my hands into everything and anything creative. I feel most comfortable when the right side of my brain is at play. I am your newest follower, and I would be honored if you would choose to follow me back.
    Have a marvelous week . . . I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.
    Your new blogging sister, Connie :)

  2. Well I like it so far, but I know what you mean about adding to pages after the day, I do it alot when something pops into my mind. BJ


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