Saturday, 9 February 2013

G and H

OK, 2 for 1 today - G for goals and H for humour.

It's important to set goals otherwise how would we know how we are doing along the journey? It gives you a sense of achievement when you can tick the box or see the finishing line coming into sight. I set goals for 2013, one of which was to take more photographs. I'm definitely doing that and building up a stock of texture and colour photos for use in Photoshop and my foray into digital journalling. I'm having fun with it.

And humour. Well, I don't think I'd survive without a sense of humour. Where would we be if we couldn't laugh at life and all it throws at us? It's a safety valve, helping us to release tension, anxiety, worry, stress, and all those negative things that we might otherwise bottle up. Laugh every day - it's good for you :)


  1. Two for one today, gosh you are sorted. I've not even thought of what to do with my Humour yet - LOL. Love the contrasting colours of your pages and the different fonts too. Bright and happy pages. BJ

  2. Great pages. Definitely need a sense of humour.

  3. Humor...when the stress at work got to be too much last Thursday, my co-teacher and I just let go in a fit of laughter. Great pages, great goals!


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